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Fisheries Reform

The Scottish Government has decided that it wishes to reform wild freshwater fisheries management in Scotland. This is timeline of recent events and publications:

September 2013

Scottish Government receives “Management of Wild Fisheries: A Baseline Report”, by Dr Peter Maitland. This report reflects Dr Maitland’s personal opinions and the remit of it is described as providing a baseline of the current situation to inform advice to Government Ministers (Scottish) for a review of Salmon and freshwater fisheries management, governance and legislation.

March 2014

Scottish Government appoints Andrew Thin to develop and promote a modern, evidence-based management system for wild fisheries fit for purpose in the 21st century, and capable of responding to the changing environment and to manage, conserve and develop our wild fisheries to maximise the sustainable benefit of Scotland’s wild fish resources to the country as a whole and particularly to rural areas.

October 2014

Scottish Government publishes Andrew Thin’s final report and recommendations, including those for licencing and carcass tagging of Salmon.

October 2014

Scottish Government introduces a change in Holyrood to the Tweed Order (primary legislation) to enable carcass tagging of Salmon in the Tweed District; it was subsequently taken to the Houses of Lords (November) and Commons (December) for approval. Its stated purpose to the parliaments was that it should not apply to fish which are caught by rod and line (as rod and line fishing for salmon is permitted but the fish cannot be sold on).

February 2015

Scottish Government issues consultation on proposed conservation measures to introduce a licensing system for killing wild Salmon in Scotland which includes tagging for all Salmon caught both by net and by rod.

May 2015

River Tweed Commission responds to licensing and tagging consultation.

May 2015

Scottish Government issues consultation paper on its proposals for Wild Fisheries Reform.

July 2015

Scottish Government advertises its proposals for two conservation orders to introduce a licencing and tagging system: one proposal for the Tweed under the Tweed Regulation Order, and one for the rest of Scotland.

August 2015

River Tweed Commission submits its response to the consultation on Wild Fisheries Reform.

August 2015

River Tweed Commission objects to the proposed conservation order, as drafted, to introduce a licencing and tagging system.

September 2015

Presentation to RTC Salmon Kill Licencing - “An Effective Conservation Tool ?

October 2015

Notice  of proposals  by  Scottish Ministers  to make conservation regulations under article 54 of the 2006 Order to regulate the killing of wild salmon in The Tweed District.

November 2015

River Tweed Commission response to the proposed order to ban on the killing of wild salmon and accompanying carcass tagging.

February 2016

The Scottish Government issues a consultation on a Wild Fisheries (Scotland) Bill and a draft Wild Fisheries Strategy.


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