River Tweed Commission

Established by Order under an Act of Parliament to protect the fish stocks in the Tweed River System


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Under article 47 of The Scotland Act 1998 (River Tweed) Order 2006 it is an offence for any person to introduce fish, or the eggs or spawn of fish, into the inland waters of the Tweed District without the prior, written consent of the Commission.

The River Tweed Commission has a simple process of application for consent in the Tweed District and has adopted the policy below for the regulation of stocking. The essence of the policy is that there is no stocking of “open” waters i.e. the River and tributaries,  and that any stocking to ponds ”closed waters”  is  only granted to those which are properly screened, so that fish cannot escape to the River, and that they should only be of fish that cannot breed.

Those wishing to stock and who comply with this policy should complete the form below and return it the Commission.

Applications are normally processed at the end of each week on Friday morning. Consent may require an inspection by a Water Bailiff.  Currently no change is made for an application

The Policy (pdf 202k) of the Commission on the introductions of fish to Tweed Waters.

Application form (pdf 34k) for consent to introduce stock to Tweed Waters.

Map of Tweed and Eye District (pdf 355k) as defined by the Order (above) and to which the policy applies.


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Established by order under The Scotland Act 1998 (River Tweed) Order 2006